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  • Need more information about the Midwives Alliance's Statistics Project? Visit the About This Project area.
  • Or go to the Contact Us page to inquire.

If you would like to become a MANA Statistics Project Contributor, the first step is to enroll. Participation is open to all midwives and there is no charge to participate. However, when you enroll you commit to logging and contributing data for all your clients, and doing so in a timely way. Please read the instructions before enrolling.

Once you have enrolled in the Project by sending in an Enrollment Form, the Data Entry Team will create an account for you on the Web site. You will receive an e-mail message from the Support Team giving you your account name and providing a link to a page on the site where you can set your password. That will be your indication that you can begin using the site.

If you have questions, please contact the Support Team.